Amadeus Purcell (b. 1997 in Reidsville, NC) is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. Inspired by fashion, music, art, and culture, his work intricately weaves narratives into each frame. Currently studying Photography and Related Media at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Amadeus focuses on portrait and fashion photography, with a mission to uplift and celebrate the experiences of black and brown individuals. 

His work has been featured in prestigious publications such as WWD, GRAZIA, Wonderland Magazine, and Vogue Arabia, reflecting his dedication to inclusivity and storytelling. Through his art, Amadeus invites viewers to engage with diverse stories, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for human experience.


Amadeus Purcell's photography transcends mere imagery, immersing viewers in the vibrant worlds of fashion, music, and culture with an authenticity that resonates deeply. Steering clear of clichés, each photograph is a testament to his ability to capture the essence of his subjects, bridging the gap between reality and narrative. 

With each frame, Amadeus invites us to explore the boundless potential of life, igniting imagination and fostering a profound appreciation for the diverse tapestry of human existence.


  • CFDA IMPACT x Creatively